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After Years of Broken Promises and Missed Deadlines, We Looked for and Found a Way to Build Great, High-Quality Websites . . .
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Like so many people, you're considering setting up a website. And whether your goal is to take advantage of the huge, money-making potential of the Internet, build a professional "image" site, or attract clients to your services firm, the Internet is a seductive prospect that often seems just out of reach of most of us. In the past you may have hired a web designer, tried supposedly easy-to-use website-builders, complex, confusing software, or even tried to learn HTML . . . in your efforts to have your own website. And like so many others, you probably met with more disappointment than success.

"We've Cracked the Code . . .
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We were looking too. And after years of broken promises, frustration and disappointment, and a lot of money spent . . . we found the answer and we've "cracked the code" on how to create an attractive, professional website, with e-commerce, auto-responder, and other powerful features you'd expect to pay 100's of dollars a month for with most web-hosting companies. Click here for a full list of all the features. And it's easy, too. Now, you can really be on-line within hours.

"Lets You Harness the Power of the Internet . . ."

It's really easy to use – there's absolutely no programming required. And if you can type and move your mouse, you'll have a powerful website in no time.

It has tons of professional features – in fact 30 at the time this was written, and more being added all the time – features for which you'd pay a small fortune every month with many web-hosting companies.

Your website will look great & professional – like you spent thousands of dollars with a web designer…and only you will ever have to know you didn't.

And if e-commerce, and getting your share of the lucrative potential of the Internet is your objective – your My Website Made Easy website will help you tap into the mother-lode.

Full of Features
Everything you need to have a professional web presence is included in your My Website Made Easy website. Support, comprehensive tutorial help, e-commerce enabled, integrated shopping cart, PayPal-ready, newsletter, domain name, catalog, photo album, customer feedback forms, links to other sites, order tracking, FAQ, and more. Click here to view all the features!

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Not only does your site come with thousands of dollars in features, but it also comes with $450 worth of marketing credits, so you can start making money in no time. With partners like eBay® and Google® you can bring in customers from anywhere in the world. Click here to get started today!

10 Day Free Trial
Not only are you getting all these great things with your My Website Made Easy website, but we're also going to let you try it for FREE. You'll have 10 full days to try out your site. All the powerful features will be functional and you can begin setting up your site right away, without paying a cent – and with absolutely no obligation. It just can't get much better than that, can it? So, click here to start your FREE trial today!

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Consider the My Website Made Easy program . . .

  • With My Website Made Easy, you can build a website in only minutes, without a web designer or any expensive software
  • With My Website Made Easy, you can track your sales, respond to your customers and friends, and keep photos organized . . . just about anything you could do with a $10,000, or even $20,000 website
  • Best of all, My Website Made Easy you won't need any programming or design experience to use it. It's so easy that if you can type a letter and click a mouse, you can build a powerful, professional, fully loaded website in only hours
  • And My Website Made Easy costs you nothing to try – we won't even ask you for your credit card to activate your 10-day free-trial. We only ask you to provide a legitimate, active e-mail address to get started
  • Once you've tried My Website Made Easy, you'll agree it's just what you needed – it's the answer to your Internet challenges – at the right time, and right price – as little as $20.95 an month. Click here to get started right now.

    Enjoy your 10-day free trial . . . and may you prosper on the Internet.